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Why us?


Safari Karibu Tanzania is large enough to be respected as the important safari company in East Africa and still small enough to care about each of our travellers. We work in four countries: Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. To guarantee similar service in the four countries of East Africa, we have established company branch offices all over East Africa.
Our successful management during these years has enabled us a superior reputation world-wide due to quality and reliable service.
Our ethos is to provide quality service within our clients' means.
East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda) has everything for the visitor; National Parks and Wildlife Reserves, Spectacular Scenery from the rolling Savannah of the Serengeti and Maasai Mara to the Great Rift Valley and the lush Central Highlands around Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. It is also home of rich tribal cultures including the Maasai, Samburu and Kikuyu.
Any tour operator can get you to Africa and provide you with a guide... but Karibu Safari Tanzania’s are there. Our commitment to East Africa and local network guaranteed you will be well looked after.
Our aim is to provide exactly the right holiday to suit your particular requirements and then see that your holiday is executed to perfection.


We arrange wildlife encounters with world class guides, wonderful accommodation, delicious meals and charming hosts in some of the world's most wild, beautiful places and worth every penny.
We are specialized in safaris:

• for hikers
• for those who are looking for a perfect honeymoon or a special family holiday
• first safaris or safaris for
• For those who truly wish to engross themselves in Africa - its wildlife and diverse peoples at a reasonable cost
• your first safari or if you are an experienced visitor to Africa with special requirements

Optional game walks are also available escorted by your hunter/guide and led by Masai or Samburu tribesmen and For the more adventurous, balloon safaris are available, as are guided climbs of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya and gorilla tracking in Uganda's Bwindi impenetrable forest.

Our tours vary from budget to luxury camping, lodge and tailor-made private safaris catering for families and large groups. For luxury and personalized attention, the director, Mr. Daniel, will lead the safaris in specially built 4x4 land cruisers.

Thanks to the experience acquired during these years we know which places work well in combination and how long you should stay somewhere


The majority of our employees are native and knowing their way round home well, will ensure your trip remains vivid in memory for years to come.

You will have guides with personality and expert knowledge who are good communicators. A good guide will play an important part in your experience of Africa.


Our lodge safaris have been thoroughly researched and planned to ensure comfort and adventure at a leisurely pace. The lodges have been selected for quality services, accommodation, interesting locations and best value for money.

The camps and lodges are beautifully designed, intimate and comfortable with delicious food and charming hosts, utterly reliable people to meet you and take you from one place to the next.

Perfect accommodation, you will stay in remote and scenic settings, near the wildlife. Usually each lodge or camp takes only ten to sixteen guests. You may find that the other guests who choose to stay at these types of places have a lot in common with you and may strike up some lasting friendships.

We have semi permanent campsites at Masai Mara and Samburu where we provide stand up tents, beds and mattresses, showers and clean toilets. At Lake Turkana we provide traditional Turkana huts in our semi permanent beach campsite with a bonus 22-seater powerboat to visit the surrounding areas in search of crocodiles, birds, and cultural excursions.

With our camping and lodge trips, the driver is the tour guide and mechanic, while the cook caters for your dietary requirements ensuring fresh food cooked over wood fires.
We also know dozens of exquisite hideaways in the Indian Ocean.
For luxury and personalized attention, the director, Mr. Daniel, will lead the safaris in specially built 4x4 land cruisers. Here we supply large stand-up tents, folding beds, bedding/sleeping bags, towels, chairs, cooks and helpers who will do the laundry. Shower tents and toilets are carried for camps with no facilities (most special campsites in East Africa are without any facilities). These private safaris offer flexibility as to where to go making it possible to use lodges and luxury tented camps at choice destinations for comfort and relaxation.


For our budget tours, we use purposely built expedition trucks and 4 X 4 Land cruisers ideal for organized groups. Due to the conditions of the roads we journey, our vehicles are built to withstand the remotest parts of East Africa. Though this does not guarantee breakdowns, it greatly enhances the spirit of adventure - a pre requisite for any trip through Africa. Nonetheless, our vehicles are well serviced and regularly renewed for reliability.

The Animals are usually observed from the safety and comfort of the vehicles, but optional game walks are available escorted by your hunter/guide and led by Masai or Samburu tribesmen.


We realize the need for sustainable use of natural resources and national heritage upon which our business very much depends upon. Accordingly we support eco-tourism and involve our selves in conservation projects as well as sponsoring various local communities with employment and education. We are active members of Tanzania,Kenya & Uganda Association of Tour Operators, and the East African Wildlife Society.

We welcome you to join our Safari Karibu Tanzania your holiday of a lifetime.